Monday, December 8, 2008

Monday Moan

Good grief! If you are a cheery person don't read this.. Because I'm about to complain and moan about my life and quiet frankly.. I don't like your cheerfulness around... OK, so I'm kidding.. sorta.

Jon Kent has a cold. And so far it's only a cold. Although with him it can be a cold today and pneumonia tomorrow. Good thing he and Zoey both have their yearly check-ups tomorrow.. huh. So, since my eldest son is sooo loving.. he kindly gave me his cold as well. I haven't had a cold to really get to me in.. well.. I was pregnant with Nathan. But yesterday around 4pm I couldn't keep my eyes open (although there is more to it than that.. we'll get to that later..) and my body was just flat out on empty. Kent and the kids went to church while I stayed at home. I laid out on the couch and watched a movie and just rested. It was nice. I felt better with just that little bit of rest. I even went to bed early to try and catch back up on my sleep.

Now.. we all know I love my littlest baby boy. He is a wonderful baby. He laughs, he smiles, he plays, he takes great naps.. He is truly a treasure to have.. truly. But lets face it.. he is an awful.. AWFUL nighttime sleeper. I've tried it all.. cosleeping.. he doesn't like it. Rocking him.. or rather swaying him.. because once you sit down.. he's mad. He loves for me to cuddle and sway him. And honestly so do I.. but not a million times at night. Now if he would actually go to sleep it would be different.. but no.. he will quiet down and then when I try to lay him down.. he is mad. And I mean MAD. The ear piercing screams that make you want to go to the nearest cliff and jump. So I give in and feed him.. every two hours. It's the only way he will go back to the sleep. The only way. But he is 8 months old.. there is no reason for him to be getting up that many times at night to eat. Once yeah.. twice.. occasionally. But not 4 times. That just ridiculous. I'm at my wits end. I'm tired, my energy level is nothing.. my patients is gone. I have headaches a lot now because of lack of sleep. It's stressing me out because I keep thinking maybe something is wrong.. but what? I don't know.. but there is something off. I just don't know what it is. You would think after having two other kids I would know more.. but I don't.

I'm just tired.. really, really tired.


Tracie said...

I am sure you have tried this...but I always gave my babies a bit of cereal before bedtime. It gives them a "full" feeling and they sleep a bit longer.

Brandi said...

:( I'm sorry ya'll aren't feeling too well. I'll keep you in my thoughts.


TnL's Mommy said...

Emily I am so sorry to hear about your little man not sleeping well! I have to say though that I am glad that I am not the only one going through this, not to scare you or anything but my 2 1/2 year old is the WORST sleeper!! He still at 2 1/2 years old wakes up that many times!! I dread nighttime because I never get good sleep. If you find something that works please pass it along and I hope it gets better sooner than mine has! I am thinking of you and sorry to hear about the sickies at your home! I hope the big man gets well and that it just stays a cold!!

Bridgett said...

Oh honey...I understand. My daughter was collicky for the first three months of her life and I don't think I slept much at all that entire time.

At this age, I think it's more a habit for Nathan than anything.

I know many parents frown about this...but I did it with both my kids and it worked like a charm.

I made them cry themselves to sleep. They had to learn to self-soothe instead of using my boobie as the soother.

I know that's not an option for everybody, but it does work. If you can stand to listen to them scream for awhile. LOL

As a mommy, that's not easy, I know. :)

Good luck!


Bernadette said...

I feel for you! I really do.

Eli still has bedtime issues and has always, always gotten up around midnight and I have to go in and put him back to bed.

Cereal at that age is a great way to get them sleepy for an extra few hours. Load him up with as much cereal as he'll eat before his last feeding for the night. hard as it is, if you let them cry it out (do the SuperNanny, say goodnight 3 times and that's that) they'll get the hint after a night or two and it gets's those first few nights that are havoc on your mental state. ..and you think you're traumatized them for life, but he'll be okay and they really do have to learn to find ways to comfort themselves.

...but the crying! I wish you the best with it..and I wish you nights of peaceful slumber :)

Karen said...

I was soooo with you just a month ago when my Nathan was still getting up 3-4 times a night. It was awful. What finally worked for us was getting him out of our room and into his own room and crib. Can JK sleep in Zoey's room or anywhere else for a few nights while you try Nathan out in JK's room? I'm not a "CIO" fan, but I am a fan of what ever works for you. Nathan adjusted awesome to being in his own room and we never had to let him cry. He's now sleeping all the way through every night and slept all the night even on vacation. I really hope this ends quickly for you. I remember it all too well.