Monday, December 1, 2008

Not Me! Monday

You know the drill..

*I did not lose a pound over Thanksgiving. And even if I did, I would not proudly boast of said lossage to everyone who would listen.
*I do not secretly wish that I could go to work just to get some adult time.
*I do not think that my husband should be able to read my mind at all times.
*I did not sleep in every day last week instead of getting up early to go to the gym.
*I do not get up at least 3 times a night to get the baby back to sleep or feed said baby. And even if I do get up that many times, I do not secretly wish that I was the daddy instead of the mommy so I could just blissfully still be asleep.
*I am not afraid of going back to college. I'm afraid of nothing I tell you.. NOTHING!
*I did not love sleeping with my precious last baby last night... even it wasn't only for 15 minutes.
*I am not way behind on my house cleaning. I'm more motivated than that!

Your turn. What did you not do this week?


Janis said...

I love these! Makes me feel so not alone!


SCM said...

I really didn't lose a pound over Thanksgiving. Quite the opposite in fact...

I did NOT accidentally leave my husband's expensive computer gaming headphones out for the dog to chew up and destroy this morning while I was asleep.

Bridgett said...

I did not secretly wish I could plug up our bunnies buttholes so they wouldn't poo so much. :)


Junita said...

I don't think April babies sleep - ever! (They say that is a sign of a gifted child. Not that I would ever think that about my child)