Thursday, December 11, 2008

Snot again..

Nathan is sick. Apparently his little immune system is shot. Poor baby. Stinks having older siblings who give you all their germs.. It started as a cold.. but now he has a fever. It was 102.4 the last time I checked it. He is currently passed out in his bed. Poor little one. I really hope this is a 24 hour thing. I have a Sunday School Christmas party tomorrow night to go to.. but if he isn't any better I can't stand to leave him. Not to mention he only nurses (won't take a bottle and will take a sippy cup but not a lot) so if I leave Nathan with Kent, he will probably have a meltdown (Nathan.. well Kent might too.. lol) and I will feel bad that I wasn't here. Not to mention I would worry myself to death the whole time.. Being a mom sometimes isn't all it's cracked up to be. I love it and I love my kids.. but sometimes.. I just want to get away.. guilt free or have someone say.. "Don't worry.. I'll handle whatever he throws at me. You just go and have a good time. You deserve it." Bah... I'm in a funk.. going now.

I have some incredibly funny pictures to share later.. when I am in a better mood.


Brandi said...

awww hope he feels better soon!

Chrissie said...

Sorry your baby is sick. Hope he gets well soon. I hate little ones being ill.
I feel his pain me and my grandson are going to the doctor tomorrow.
Take care, Chrissie

Bridgett said...

Hopefully he'll feel better today. I know how it is. Today is my birthday and Parker woke at 5:40 this morning with diarrhea and vomiting.

Happy Birthday to me! LOL

Poor little guy is miserable.

Here's to all of us feeling better!


Kristine said...

Oh, no! I'm sorry to hear your little one is suffering too :( I totally feel you about just wanting to get away. I'm physically and mentally exhausted from this sick baby. Hope he's feeling better fast!

Christy said...

Poor guy, by the time he's 2 his immune system is going to be so strong! In the mean time it's hard on Momma for sure!