Friday, December 5, 2008

Complete Randomness

It's Friday, so I'm free to be as random as I please...

I'm amazed at the imagination of kids. They can take the simplest toy and find a hundred and one ways to play with it.. for example:

To us it may just look like a Cinderella tea cart. But no.. it doesn't stop there. It can be used to serve tea and crumpets.. yes.. but it also can serve as a baby stroller, a baby bed, a grocery cart (buggy for my southern readers) and a race car. Yes, my friends a race car. Just take the tray off and get in the middle.. bam.. your turning the corners at the nearest NASCAR track. Seriously.

I swear Nathan gets his little baby kicks by keeping me up at night.

Tomorrow Kent and I are playing Santa and doing our Christmas shopping for the kids. We are also buying all the door prizes for his work's Christmas party. Can we say "money to burn" and double bonus.. it's not mine!

I was reading one of my favorite blogger's blog (Julie) and she had a link to a NY Times article. Now the article is pretty good in and of itself. Long but decent. Anyway, I had trouble really getting through it because of the pictures. I mean.. hello????... who takes pictures like that and lets them be published. It totally made the whole article seem so... full of it. Trust me.. if nothing else.. just look at the pictures. Geez! Here

Nathan is finally eating table food or baby food puffs consistently. Yay! I'm hoping this means I can leave him for more than a few hours at a time without worrying myself to death that he is starving and giving his sitter (OK grands or great grands.. sitter just sounded more... snooty) a hard time.

I love my husband.

It is cold outside. To be in the south it sure is cold. But watch.. it will be 70 degrees Christmas.

My daddy just IM'ed me. He loves me. I'm his favorite.. daughter. Haha, thought I was going to be all stuck up there for a minute.. didn't ya?

My hunky hubby just called.. twice. I love him.

Well.. I do believe that's all my randomness thoughts for the day. Going to go talk to my daddy. And pray that Nathan is still asleep despite the fact that his daddy called twice and thusly.. the phone rang twice.

Crud.. he's awake. Thanks a lot Kent!


Bridgett said...

Love the randomness. That's exactly how my mind works. LOL


Brandi said...

Haha, Kids are amazing.


THAT GIRL said...

Happy Birthday, Zoey! I am fortunate to have read your blog through ALL of your precious deliveries...and I love to see your healthy, lovely children thrive happily! She is cute as a button!

Hope you are enjoying the season... you are such a good mamma!