Saturday, December 20, 2008

:::Bangs Head:::

Someday I will actually get through a whole month without seeing a pediatrician.. I can just feel it.

So, Nathan and I were at the doctor's office this morning. He was running a fever and not sleeping (REALLY not sleeping.. not just his usual.. normal not sleeping) and pulling at his ears, waking out of the blue screaming, etc. So she looks him over. He has an ear infection and his wheezing is still very present. She gave us a Rx for an oral steroid and another antibiotic. We also have to continue the breathing treatments. Wonderful. She also advised that I talk to his primary pediatrician (she was just on call today since it was Saturday) about getting him referred to a lung specialist (this is where I started freaking) because his wheezing has been habitual most of his short life. So, when we go back in January for his 9 month (!!!) and a recheck of his ears and wheezing I'm going to bring it up. Also, if the wheezing isn't better by Monday we are to bring him back in because 1) RSV and 2) just in case it is something a bit more serious we would get seen before the Christmas rush and madness starts. Hopefully he will be better by Monday. And we are to immediately start "probiotics" so that hopefully the antibiotics won't hurt his tummy so much this go around.


This momma is tired and could really use a nice long nap.. or better yet.. a full night of sleep.


SCM said...

Awww poor baby! I really hope it's nothing serious.

Bridgett said...

I'm shocked and pleasantly surprised they prescribed probiotics!

I didn't think pediatricians believed in those. LOL

My entire family takes them every single day, along with digestive enzymes, and aloe juice. I was able to go off my Protonix after I healed my gut. Yay!

I hope Nathan is feeling better real soon.


Mc Allen said...

awww, how is he , better? I hope you got a nice long nappy ☺ LA

Karen said...

Oh no! ((((Nathan))) I hope he's doing better today.