Monday, December 29, 2008

Prayers for Stellan

As many of you already know, Stellan is proof of how God still does miracles. God healed Stellan of heart failure while still in the womb. This blogging community came together and prayed and prayed and prayed and God heard and answered our prayers. Now it's time to pray again. Stellan is back in the hospital because of severe RSV. He is currently in the PICU and if he isn't better after tonight they will probably have to put him on the vent. Please say a prayer for him that his body will fight this and that God will give him the strength to do so. He is a sick little boy right now and he needs us to pray for him. So please do. Also, go over to MckMama's blog (by clicking the above button) and read all the updates!

***Edited to Add***
My nephew is also in the hospital with pneumonia. Please pray that he will get better soon as well.


Bridgett said...

Oh man. :(

I don't know baby Stellan, but I'll say a prayer for both him and your nephew tonight.


Terri said...

I've been reading MckMama for awhile...I can't even imagine...with everything they have been through...have been praying for baby Stellan and will continue to...also praying for your nephew...


Brandi said...

Many prayers for your nephew and baby Stellan