Sunday, September 12, 2010

What could have been.

Most of my blog thoughts happen to me when I am either in the shower or while trying to fall asleep. Does that happen to anyone else?

So, anyway, the thought came into my mind.. What would life be like if I were born a boy? Granted, I do not want to be a boy. They are yucky and I am fairly sure they all have cooties. Thankfully, I am pro-vaccination of all cooties varieties.

Circle, circle.. Dot, dot. Now, you've got your cooties shot.

Wow. Elementary flashback.

I digress..

My parents told me that had I been a boy my name would have been William Hubert and they would have called me Billy.

Thank you Lord for letting me be a girl. Emily Elizabeth has a lot better ring to it.

So, on that same train of thought I started thinking about what would the kids' names have been had they come out the other gender.

Jon Kent ( Jonathan Kent, Jr.) would have been Zoey Taylor (or Elizabeth).

Zoey Taylor (who could have been easily Elizabeth.. had her daddy not talked me out of it) would have been Jonathan Kent, Jr. If her brother would have been a girl and if he was still a he.. then she wouldn't have a name because I was certain from the get go that she was a girl.

Nathan Tyler would have been Lily Rose (or Ruth). But probably Lily Rose.

Crazy how my mind wonders and can be so random.


TeacherCHS said...

After all that randomness, you failed to mention we called you George!

EmilytheCreative said...

No one needs to hear of the abuse I had to endure.