Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Oh Nate-Nate. Momma is sorry.


Bless it. You have crooked feet. OK, so really it's just your left foot that is currently crooked. But your right leg is doing this weird bowing thing and it's making your whole walk kind of.. well.. funny. Cute funny. Because you make it work. However, when you are a teenager you will not think it's cute and will probably curse the day I bore you and your crooked left foot and right weird leg self. So, we are doing something about it now. Could have done something about it when you were a baby, but it went undetected until about 6 months ago. Sorry. Really and truly I am. We have gotten you some "magic" shoes that are supposed to reshape your foot and make sure your right foot doesn't get jealous of all the attention ole lefty is getting and try to do the same. With all that said, once we did get the magic shoes your right leg decided to bow in and now you have to sleep with a bar between your feet. It's only night one of that whole ordeal, so the true test hasn't been completed yet. But I am hoping for the best. And hoping that your sweet little two year old mind can grasp, even if just a little bit, that it's all for your own good. And that I am really sorry we have to do it, but rather it be now than later. I love you, Nate-Nate. Just remember.. when you are the fastest runner on your track team or on the football team or basketball team or whatever team.. this was all worth it. And I'll try to remember that, too.




Kristine said...

Aww, hope it helps him.

Brandi said...

(((hugs)))) I hope it makes everything better :)