Thursday, September 16, 2010

The Chronicles of Potty Training: The Final Edition- Day 2

Day 1 went about like I expected it to and day 2 is going about like I expected it to. Granted neither day has gone well, but at least I didn't set my hopes up too high. So far, we have only tinkled in the potty once today. I have explained and reexplained that pee-pee and poopie go in the potty. I then ask him where he is supposed to go pee-pee and he says, "The potty!!!" I then ask where he is supposed to go poopie and he says, "The potty!!!!" So what does he do.... Pees and poops in his "big boy pants".

Awesome, no?

Ahh, it will come. It will come.

I can tell a MAJOR difference in my approach with Nathan verses my approach with Jon Kent and even Zoey. I am much more laid back this go around. I guess you can say it's softening with age or experience or what have you. I hope though that we can get this taken care of sooner rather than later.

If not.. well.. I am not even going to think about it.

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