Thursday, September 2, 2010


One word sums you up. Stubborn. But not that mean type of stubborn. Just stubborn to the point where you make sure that everyone knows you are still the boss. Once that is made clear, then eventually you will come around and do what is asked. You are a momma's boy. I am giddy over that fact, too. If it ain't momma.. it ain't nobody (pardon my poor grammar.. don't go putting double negatives together in real life). You are my baby and still love to snuggle. You are a horrendous bed fellow though. All over the place and if you're not comfortable.. well no one is. But in the moments where our foreheads are touching and you are sound asleep.. well those are priceless. Thank you for your crazy antics. Even though you give me at least one heart attack a day, you keep my life interesting. Even as I type this, you are walking around the house on your play phone calling everyone you know. "Hello? Hey, Daddy (Papa, Poohba, PawPaw, Granny...). Ahh-huh. OK. Bye." Then you run the phone over to me and put it to my ear and say, "Talk." in a little whisper. You, my littlest son, are a hoot. Thank you for add flavor to my life.

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