Sunday, September 26, 2010

The Chronicles of Potty Training: The Final Edition- Day 10,11, & 12

I think this will be my last post about potty training. Unless something happens and things change.. But, I think he is trained. We had a busy, busy weekend with traveling.. and visiting family and him being with other people and not me. And Nathan still didn't have an accident. Granted, he is 2.5 (almost) and there will be accidents and he is still peeing while he sleeps (which that I am not worried about.. he is still little and it will come with time). However, he is telling us when we has to go. On the way home he told us twice that he needed to potty and then held it long enough for us to get to a gas station. He has been telling us and others who have kept him that he needs to go potty. So, with that.. I think he has gotten the hang of it. I am going to give him one more full week of pull-ups and then we will take a trip to Wal-Mart or where ever and let him pick out some for real big boy underwear.

And with that.. I close the chapter of potty training in my mommyhood book.

The End. :)

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