Saturday, September 11, 2010

A story to embarrass my daddy

Although he probably won't be...

It was the night of the terrorist attacks. My mom was away on business with the bank or visiting with friends, something. But she wasn't going to be home that night. So, being all shook up over the attacks I asked my daddy if I could sleep in his bed that night. Yes, I was 18.. in college and soon to be married. And??? I girl is never too old to need her daddy. I finally fell asleep and was dreaming about the towers crumbling. I kept hearing this rumbling sound while blocks from the building were falling all around me. Dust was everywhere and I was just trying to make my way out. All while the rumbling noise was getting louder and louder. I wake up. Kind of access my surroundings when I finally come to clarity that I am in my parents' room. But that rumbling noise is still there.. I can still hear it.. Then I roll over and realize..

It was my daddy snoring. :)