Friday, September 17, 2010

The Chronicles of Potty Training: The Final Edition- Day 3

Day three went well. Better than day two. Nate put all his pee-pee in the potty except for during nap and then at the very end of the night. He, however, didn't put any of his poop in the potty. So Woody still remains unplayed with while having to sit all alone in the bathroom. I don't think we are too far off until he does it, though. Today he went up to his room because he knew he was fixing to poop and got a pull-up (underwear to him) and stayed up there until he pooped and then came back down the stairs and gave me his new pull-up. He knew it was coming. So that means he is getting used to the feeling of having to go. So, I think we are getting close. I am shooting for him being in for real underwear by Halloween. Here's hoping!

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Amanda said...

he will get it soon! We had a fire truck for Luke when he was potty training. I would give it to him every morning (in the box). If he went in his underwear.. I put it up where he could still see it but not play with it! Took about 3 days and he got to open it ;) Was so sad watching him push it around in the box playing with it though! lol