Monday, September 27, 2010

Our WAR EAGLE weekend

This past weekend we went to Alabama. Kent and I had tickets to the Auburn vs South Carolina football game. We had this trip planned for quite some time. We have some friends from church who are South Carolina fans and they also got tickets to the game.

We met up with a friend of mine from high school. Her parents were tailgating and we parked at their RV site. We sat around and watched some football and caught up a little bit. Our friends from SC found us and we sat around for a bit more. Then headed over to "Momma Goldberg's" to eat some supper. It was de-lish!!

After wards, we headed to the stadium to find our seats. We parted ways with our SC friends and took our seats. We watched all the pre-game activities and got pretty pumped waiting for the game to start.

Once it did, it was non stop intense. We would get ahead, then they would get ahead. It would look like we were gonna lose and then we would make a come back. Back and forth the entire game. It was crazy loud in there as well. I am talking about louder than I have ever heard it before and Kent said his ears even started ringing at one point. It was great.

We had an absolute blast. And best of all.. our team pulled off the win. Auburn won 35-27!


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Brandi said...

It's always nice when Mommy and Daddy can have a night away. Glad to hear you had fun. Great pictures :)