Tuesday, September 21, 2010

No, that wasn't awkward

Today, 4 months late, I finally go in for my "womanly yearly". It's a new place, new doctor. All is new. It took me forever to find a place to park and when I did finally find said place to park, it was a mile (up hill.. both ways!!!) away. I was wearing my cute flip flops. Which means they weren't all that comfortable for walking (seriously.. a mile away..!!).

I finally make it into the main building and find my way up to the GYN floor. I won't even put OB in there for fear that my uterus might simultaneously combust. It was nice. Granted, I was extremely spoiled by my last GYN place. They were the bomb diggity.. furreal. But it was nice. Get my info taken care of. Tinkle in a cup ( NOT PREGNANT!!) and get my finger prick. Wait for a few more minutes and get called back to see the doctor.

I have always used a man doctor for my OBGYN needs. Don't really know why.. but it just happened that way. I have seen a few women doctors during my pregnancies because of the rotation schedule, etc. And they were all nice and I didn't have any complaints.

So, I decided to go ahead and start this chapter of my "no longer birthing years" with a woman doctor. She comes in and has a student doctor with her. I was fine with that. Both were really nice. So she talks to me and gets the low down on my exciting life. Tells me that I look way too fresh and "in shape" (I still laugh at that) to have 3 kids. I thought to myself, "Dang, if I didn't have any kids I would probably be a freaking beauty queen." She then leaves to give me time to undress. I put on my cute little paper vest and skirt (it's all the rage in Europe, if you didn't know) and wait for the doctor and the doctor jr. to come back. They do. Obviously. So, she starts doing a breast examination on me all the while talking about getting the kids Halloween costumes and asking me about Talladega and all that racing stuff that people who don't live there ask... So while I am very much exposed she turns around and leisurely keeps talking to the nurse and student doctor all the while one of my girls is just chilling all out in the open. I am thinking.. "Really.. I mean.. seriously? She does know I am completely exposed and surely my completely red face is signal that she needs to cover the ta-ta back up. I mean seriously here." She turns back around and I continue to count the squares in the ceiling. She finishes the rest of the exam and I am then happily on my way. I am all for saving the ta-tas, but I am also for covering them up when you are done giving them the once over (doctor and husband alike! (:)


Stephanie said...

LOL! My doctor does the same thing. Just freezes mid-boob-exam and yaps away. And actually she does the same thing when she does the other part of the exam. Can we say uncomfortable?

Taking Heart said...

This is actually a good post for someone on my end who works in L&D and one day a week in the office. To us... we see the upstairs and downstairs all the time... and we get a little desensitized to the "nakedness" of it. Funny enough is that most of the female doctors and nurses I work with, including myself, are quite shy about our own nakedness. Thanks for the gentle (and funny) reminder that we need to be more aware of your privacy so that we don't make you feel like its all hanging out... cuz we woudn't want to feel that way either!