Sunday, March 29, 2009

Weekend Wrap Up.

We had a pretty busy weekend. It was supposed to be the kids' first t-ball game but it was rained out. Not to be mean, but I'm was kind of glad it did. Anyway, we decided to take the kids to the movies to see "Monsters vs Aliens". It was a pretty good movie. The kids seemed to enjoy it, but got restless about half way through. They are 4 and 3 so really it wasn't too bad. They remained quiet though.. just kept wanting me to get them more popcorn and sprite.. lol. After the movie we went and picked up Nathan and went out to eat with my parents, my brother and my nephew. Then we swung by the movie store to grab some DVDs and then went to the park and met back up with my parents, brother and nephew. We played out there for a good hour or so before it started getting dark. The kids had a blast together. Some of these are blurry. Cell phone cameras aren't ideal.Zoey hanging out while my momma watches.

Kent and my daddy try to be kids again.

Then we headed home to give the kids a bath and send them off to bed. Right as we got home Kent's grandmother called and asked if we knew we were under a tornado watch/warning. We had no clue.. lol. When we were driving home I saw some clouds building with some lightening in them, but I just figured it was a thunderstorm. So we watched the weather for a bit and they downgraded it to a severe thunderstorm so we felt safe sending the kids to bed. They all slept peacefully until 11pm when one of them started whining which woke the other two up. Which usually is no big deal. But Nathan wasn't having it. He decided to stay awake until 1:05am. I tried everything. Singing, rocking, swaying, laying down with him, walking him around.. everything. Finally after almost two hours of trying to get him to sleep I gave in and nursed him. He ate and back to sleep he went. I hope he doesn't start getting up though in the middle of the night again. I think more than anything he is teething. Anyway, we all got up this morning and went to church then went to Kent's grandmother's house for lunch. We hung around and napped (Kent and Zoey mostly.. lol) and then headed back to church in the evening. Now, the kids are all asleep. Kent is playing XBOX with some buddies from work (online) and I am here blogging. I just finished up my study guide for my next test (Thursday) for A&P 1. Next weekend is going to be extremely busy and it will also be the kick off to t-ball in full swing. I'm going to try and enjoy my peaceful, slow week. It will probably be the last slow week for at least the next 6 weeks.


Karen said...

Great family filled weekend! I hope Nathan slept well last night!

Kristine said...

Love the grown men swinging together, lol!

Bridgett said...

Boy, you were busy! But it sounds like a nice weekend.

Have a good week!