Monday, March 30, 2009

Not me! Monday- Stellan Style

Prayers for Stellan

  • This week I did not pray without ceasing for Stellan.
  • I did not cry more than once after reading updates from MckMama.
  • I do not feel a bond with another mother that I have never met.
  • My heart does not ache for another mother that I have never met.
  • I did not cry when reading other people's comments about how they were praying as well.
  • I did not hold my children extra close and squeeze then extra tight when giving them hugs.
  • I did not look at my precious baby Nathan and realize that he is only a few months older and how easily it could be him.. or any of my babies for that matter.
  • I did not thank God over and over again for the health of my babies and realize just how blessed I am.
  • I am not going to keep praying and praying and praying for Stellan until God heals him.


Natalie said...

great "not me" monday post!

Bridgett said...

Beautiful tribute, Em.


TnL's Mommy said...

Your Not Me's were great!! I just posted mine and came over to read your blog and saw that some of mine were just like yours as well as I reposted the "Praying for Stellan" button just like you, sorry didn't mean to steal your idea. I really didn't read this first, guess 2 great minds think alike huh??