Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Psy class..

I have taken 3.. maybe 4 tests in there. I have only received my first test score back. It has been over a month.. running up on two months since I've seen my scores. It is driving my husband crazy. I frankly don't care only because I feel pretty certain that none of my tests are out of the A range. But he will ask me every night when I get home if I got my test scores back and I will tell him no and that she promised to have them by the next class time. And she has done that for close to two months now. Drives.Kent.Nuts.

In class tonight we were talking about early childhood and how kids at that age will make fun of each other and will always find something to fight about. A guy in my class was trying to give an example of how a child being dropped off at school can be disorienting just like he was disoriented his first week at boot camp for the Navy. At first he was going over all the place trying to link the two and while he was trying to do it some of the girls in the back were giggling at him and one girl even said, "How is standing at attention all day disorienting?" I couldn't help put wonder if they have moved past their early childhood phase.. I mean seriously.. grow up.

My teacher works at the local Jr. High school (ages 11-13) and she said that she feels like she is working in a maternity ward. There are currently 4 girls who are pregnant there. One due any day and the other, who hid it, is 7.5 months pregnant. She said what really got her was when a 12 (!!!!) year old girl came into her office today and said that she was 3 months pregnant and due right as school started next year. My teacher told her that the school would be willing to allow her to stay home for a few weeks after she had the baby (if school had already started). The little girl (because despite being pregnant that's what she is) told her, "Yeah, once I get all better I'll be back at school". That little girl hasn't a clue as to what is happening to her. It's just so incredibly sad and her whole childhood is gone. She is going to be a mom at the ripe old age of 13.

Yeah, that was class this evening. Interesting, no?


Claire said...

wow..I started this think "Oohg..I loved that class!!" and then just had a dropped jaw.."get better" how awful =(

Natalie said...

omg. i don't know what else you said because i heard "lock your daughter in her room until she is 20!"

seriously, 12! agh. too young. they are just babies themselves!

gina said...

Must be a thing with Psy teachers, my educational psy teacher didn't give me any grades back till the final grade, killed me! And he did not get a good review.

On the 12yr old pregnant girl that is just scary, they should be playing with baby dolls, not having them.

Bridgett said...

Oh yea. That would totally drive me nuts too. Tell her to get your tests back already! Geesh!

As for the young sad.


Karen said...

Man, your teacher is slacking! That would drives me nuts!

I can tell you some stories of college classmates I've had, like the girl who showed up at my house drunk with a 6 pack to share, while we studied for our anatomy bone exam! wth

As for the 12 year old *sigh* it's just such a shame. :(

kksmith said...

That woman is me she is the last person I ever thought would be teaching psych...well maybe she uses her life experiences...hmmm. She had best be careful telling things that are going on at school...Dega is a small town FULL of lawyers...she is a counselor stuff like that should not be told even w/o names especially by her...Shame on her!!