Thursday, March 12, 2009

I need another set of eyes.

Kent and I were in Dick's Sporting Goods looking for the kids (Jon Kent and Zoey) some baseball cleats. I was bent over putting Zoey's cleats on and Kent was looking at something or another. He walks over and asks, "Where is Jon Kent?" Without lifting my head, I said he was around here running around. Which he was not two seconds before that. Kent says, "I don't see him." I stood up and looked around.. didn't see him.

My heart sank.

Kent and I both are frantically looking around. I looked under clothes racks and Kent runs to the backroom to see if Jon Kent ducked in there. As Kent came out of the backroom so did about 3 or 4 employees/managers. I was watching the front door and looking around and still we couldn't find him. All the employees were looking for him by that time and finally, FINALLY Kent found him in the basketball equipment.

HUGE sigh of relief.

I made him come over to me and I hugged him but then popped his butt for walking off that like. I explained to him that he is never to walk away from us like that because a stranger could come and take him away and we wouldn't see him again. I asked him if he had ever been scared before and he said yes and then I asked him if he liked being scared and he said no. I said that is exactly how momma and daddy felt when we couldn't find him.

He has never done anything like this before. I guess he is getting older and more confident. Which is good and is bad. He is testing his boundaries but today he went a little too far.


Natalie said...

oh. that happened with my oldest kirstyn, not long ago. i explained to her that there are mean people out there that steal kids like someone stole our dvd player out of our car. and they never give them back. sometimes they also take them to the bathroom and shave their heads and put boy clothes on little girls to hide them so that their parents can't find them. that message got her loud and she says i'm staying close momma because i don't want to be a BOY!

Brandi said...

Thank Goodness he is OK (((hugs)))

Bridgett said...

Parker did the exact same thing in a clothing store a couple months ago. I was frantic. The store was in the mall and I finally found him sitting on a bench outside the store.

What a horrible feeling it was though, running around, checking inside clothing racks, your heart racing a mile a minute.

Ahhh...another joy of parenting. LOL

Glad he was okay.


Kristine said...

Ugh..that's the worst feeling in the world.

TnL's Mommy said...

I have had that happen with my oldest as well! It happened one time where he was even scared cause he couldn't find me. I had to teach him how to find someone that worked in the store so they could page me. It is very scary experience! I, like you, had to hug him and then teach him a lesson.

Karen said...

Oh I feel you....Justin got lost at Disney World last December. It was a good 5-6 minutes before we found him. I was hysterical. Hope JK learned a lesson and that never happens again!