Sunday, March 8, 2009

Not Me! Monday (Sunday Edition)

Except it's on Sunday...

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I did not, no matter what anyone else tells you, completely fall off the no more caffeine wagon because I was stressed out. First of all, I don't get stressed. Secondly, I have more will power than that.

I did not totally lose my cool with Zoey when she wanted to do "just one more thing" before nap. I did not later have to apologize to her for losing my cool. I'm the most perfect mother in the world, therefore I would never lose my patience with my precious and only baby girl.

I did not again lose my cool with Zoey (pattern?) when she spilled her "black chocolate shake milk". Again, I'm the most perfect mother in the world and would never do such a thing.

I did not think on more than one occasion this week what it would have been like to wait the 5-6 years we had originally planned to wait to have children. I love each of my blessings and would never day dream of life without them.. never.

I did not have a headache from down under (no, not Australia) last night because my body was withdrawing from not having caffeine that day. That would not have happened because I didn't fall off the no caffeine wagon. Really.. I didn't.

I did not get so frustrated trying to make Nathan's first birthday invitation that I stomped away from the computer like a child.

And then after my husband said so nonchalantly that it would be easier to do it another way, I did not declare that he must know it all and therefore he can do the whole sha-bang without me!

And speaking of Nathan's first birthday.. he is not turning one in 29 days... really he's not. I'm stopping time.

So.. what did you not do this week?

There Daddy... I did it this week!!!


Janis said...

I did my "Not Me" tonight too.... :)

I can't believe your little one is going to be ONE! Yas it really been a full year since you have had him? I just can't believe it!

God Bless

Bridgett said...

There must be something about daughters, because Autumn ALWAYS irritates me more than Parker does. LOL