Monday, March 30, 2009

The rest of my Monday

Kent and I cut the grass. It's the first time I have helped in well over a year. Being pregnant or the mother of a newborn took me out of the saddle for a bit. I actually missed it. I like cutting grass. It gives me a chance to lose myself in thought. Today I prayed for Stellan while I cut. It was nice to just have that time without anyone around to just pray. Speaking of Stellan.. the doctors took a new plan of action and Stellan is actually doing better. He is coming out of SVT which is good. His body was really starting to weaken because of the SVT and wasn't able to pump the blood to his extremities. He still has a long road ahead of him, but today was much better than yesterday. Go over and read the latest update here. You can also get up to the minute updates here if MckMama is in a twittering mood. MckMama could really use our prays right now as well.. she (like any mother) is starting to go insane seeing her baby go through all he is going through. Having to literally watch your baby's heart stop beating, even for that brief moment for his own good, can not be easy. And having to watch it happen a lot has to be even worse. So please pray for her. She needs the strength to keep carrying on.

OK, back to my day. Kent and I cut the grass and then we just hung around the house. Kent left to take the kids to t-ball practice while I headed over to my parents to grab my glasses. I stayed over there for a bit and then headed to class. I skipped last Wednesday's class because I was just tired of it. Wanted to play hookie so I did. Well... my teacher decided that we would have a test tonight on what was taught Wednesday.. yikes! But then decided to not test tonight and put it off until this Wednesday.. whew! But really, it wouldn't have mattered much. I have made straight 100s on my tests so far, so if I didn't do so hot on this one it wouldn't have hurt me too badly. After school I came home, we chatted with Kent's parents for a bit and then it was bath time and bedtime for the small O'viller's. I then studied for my test in A&P 1 that is this Thursday and then got on here, chatted with my daddy, blogged to y'all and now I am about to go to bed. Pretty exciting.. no?

Maybe tomorrow will be... later!


TnL's Mommy said...

Isn't that how things always seem to go...test on info taught the 1 night you were not there? Way to go on all the other grades in that class!!

Your life doesn't sound boring to me, sounds like how my days go! LOL

Karen said...

I enjoy mowing my lawn as well. For the same reason's as you though I haven't in awhile.

Bridgett said...

I'm so glad Stellan is improving. Great news.

Keep trucking along...not much longer in this semester. :)


Anonymous said...

My Dad treated cutting the grass like some corrupt sort of pleasure; he loved it! I do get how mommyhood kept you out of the game for a bit though. Sometimes a day of doing little things, hanging around with family, is just what you need. No hype or spin. ~Mary