Sunday, March 1, 2009

Nathan's First Snow -or- It Snowed!! It Snowed!!

Nathan got his first look of snow today. He didn't get to play in it, as he didn't really care for it one bit. But as long as he was inside he was happy to look at it.

We got roughly 3-5 inches of snow. Which for northerners isn't a lot, but the south it was a good amount. It started coming down hard around 6am and didn't really let up until after lunch.

We had a BLAST! The kids really loved it. They looked outside and said, "It's snowed!! Look!! It's snowed!!" The looks on their faces when we showed them were priceless. After breakfast we got them all bundled up and out we went. They walked around and threw snowballs and played on the trampoline.

Then we went right down the road and played at Kent's grandparents' house. They have a good hill for sledding so that's what we did. We had a raft like float that we used last summer at the beach. We blew it up and tied a rope to it and tied the rope to the 4-wheeler. It was a great time. The kids stayed out so much longer this year than last year (30 minutes tops). We were out there about 2 hours before they started feeling the chill.

We came in to warm up and the kids had hot chocolate. We also had lunch. Then it was time to go back out and have some more fun before the snow melted away. We went sledding and had more snowballs fights. Kent and I shared many faces full of snow from each other. It was just a great, great day. After all the playing and climbing hills we went inside for a nice nap. By the time everyone was up the snow had mostly melted.

Today was the perfect snow day. Now, I'm ready for spring!!


Brandi said...

I'm happy for you guys that yinz got to experience the snow. Loved the pics especially the redneck sleding :)

Kristine said...

Yay! How fun you guys got some snow. We're getting blasted right now and I can't wait to get the kids out.

Bridgett said...

YOu got your snow!!!! Yay! Loved all the pictures. Sounds like an idyllic day. :)

Christy said...

So great that the kids got to play in the snow, even if only for a few hours!!!!