Wednesday, March 25, 2009

No peanut butter. No jelly.

This is how lunch time goes around here when PB&J are offered for lunch.
Get out 4 slices of bread. One piece for Jon Kent, one piece for Zoey and two for me.
Get out the peanut butter and the jelly.
Then you put peanut butter on two slices and jelly on the two other slices. Really simple, no?

Oh, but my kids are far from simple.
Zoey's is on the right.. peanut butter.. no jelly. Jon Kent's is on the left.. jelly.. no peanut butter. And big momma's (aka me) is at the bottom. I'm the weird one.. I actually prefer my peanut butter and jelly sandwiches to actually include both peanut butter and jelly. How weird am I?

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Bridgett said...

LOL...typical kids.

Here's a weird little fact...neither of my kids like PB&J at all. And I can't stand peanut butter unless it's completely organic.

My husband, however, can eat an entire jar of Jif in like 3 days. Gross.