Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Oh the coversations that are had here in O'ville

Last night the kids and the hubs and yours truly were all playing in Zoey's room. Jon Kent was playing his V-tech Spiderman game, Zoey was playing with her billion and one puppies and Nathan was toddling (yes, toddling) around. Here is a little bit of our conversations.

Zoey: Play with this mommy puppy, Momma.
Me: OK. Where is the daddy puppy?
Zoey: Work.
Me: Jon Kent you get to go to big school after the summer is over.
Jon Kent: ::grumbles:: But I'm not 5 yet.
Zoey: I want to marry a big boy.
Me: After you go to school and then college, you can.
Zoey: I can?
Me: Yup, AFTER college.
Zoey: Can I have gurl babies and boy babies.
Me: If you want.
Zoey: Bubba! Bubba! I can get married and have gurl babies and boy babies.
Jon Kent: Yes Zoey I heard. But Zoey, only after you go to school and college.
Zoey: ::sigh:: I heard that, Bubba.
Jon Kent: I know you heard that.
Me: After you get married you can get your very own house with your husband.
Zoey: I can!!!!!!??!!!!
Me: Yup.
Zoey: Momma, will you go live with me at my new house?
Me: No, I have to stay here with daddy.
Zoey: ::she is literally crying here:: But I don't want you to live here with daddy, I want you to live with me.
Me: Aww, sweetie.. if you really want me to live with you once you get married I will.
Zoey: Thank you momma! ::sniff, sniff::
A little side note from the previous conversation...
Zoey: Bubba, when we get married you can have the boy babies and I will have the gurl babies.
Jon Kent: OK, Zoey.
Me: Sweetie, you can't marry your brother.
Zoey: Why?
Me: Because you just can't. We are in Alabama and all but still.. you just can't.
Zoey: But I want to.
Me: You will find a big boy that loves you and you can marry him.
Zoey: OK.
Me: But only AFTER you go to college.


Kristine said...

LOL!! Love it.

Christy said...

LOL Too cute!

TeacherCHS said...

Trust me, Baby Girl, the "after college" only works until they become teenagers in love.

Claire said...

I just snorted, LOL!!!

I LOVE this whole post!!!

Brandi said...

lol funny. Make sure you write this convo down so went Jon Kent and Zoey are teenagers and fighting you can tell them that back in 2009 you wanted to marry each other

Karen said...

LOL, I love hearing kiddo conversations! I tell Justin the after college thing all the time!

Bridgett said...

Autumn was talking about marrying Parker one day too. It's normal. LOL

But seriously...how cute!