Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Oh please.. oh please, please, please!!

We were supposed to review for our test tonight in A&P. My teacher then discovered that we haven't gone over all the material for the test yet. So we did that and he pushed the test back to next Tuesday. Which would give us a whole weekend to study after reviewing for the test. That would be great in and of itself. Then one girl (who usually gets on my nerves just because she talks entirely too much) asked if we could have the test be a take home test. He at first said no.. but after realizing that we are indeed behind by like two days he said he would think about it. It would be AWESOME if we did. Talk about an A! Granted it's not the best way to learn.. but still.. it would be awesome! After this test we will then start dissecting. A brain and then an eyeball. Gross and cool all at the same time.


Bridgett said...

I love dissecting. I'll come help you. :)

The only thing that's every disgusted me when I dissected it was a starfish. NASTY. All those eyespots on the outside and then you cut it open and it's layers of poop. Blah.


Bernadette said...

fingers crossed for you!

Kristine said...

That would be awesome! I dissected a brain and eye during a neurology lab in college. Talk about fun!

Karen said...

Oh, I hope it's a take home! That would be great!!!

I totally had to dissect a cat when I was pregnant with Justin. Luckily my teacher and lab partners were GREAT! The teacher got me a special mask to wear to shield the odor and my lab partners did all the cutting and moving of the organs, all the gross stuff. I just watched and called out parts to them from the book.