Monday, November 30, 2009

Recliner Rumble

After a big turkey meal all you will want to do is sit down in your nice, fluffy, comfortable recliner and sleep. But what happens if you don't get there before someone else, or maybe you go make a quick bathroom visit and someone else slides into your chair while you are gone. What then? Well my friends.. it's call the recliner rumble.

Kent slid in while daddy was away.

But daddy says, "When you are at my house you always get in MY recliner, so I should be able to have yours!"

Kent's losing his grip.

Ut oh, his shoe has fallen off. He better call for back up!

Zoey to the rescue!

"Get off my daddy!" Thankfully Zoey saved her daddy...

And he was able to remain on this throne for another day.