Friday, November 13, 2009

Fall Picnic

Today was the first day since Monday that it hasn't been raining. So we took advantage of it. I made the kids and myself a little picnic lunch and we headed over to the park. There is a playgroup of moms that show up there every other Thursday and then every other Friday. So they were there today. I've sort of made friends with one of the moms. Her son and Jon Kent are the only boys there, so they are always glad to see each other. Today when we got out of the car Zoey went running over and hugged one of the little girls that she has become friends with. It was really sweet and cute.
So anyway, we played there for a bit and once it got close to the kids' lunch time I found a grassy area and spread out the blanket for a picnic lunch. The kids were thrilled. We had a good time just sitting and eating. While we were eating some of the kids friends walked by to go down the walking trail. So after we got done we did the same.
While we were walking along trying and catch up to them, I just happened to look down and see a baby snake. I thought it was dead because it didn't move. So, I told the kids to come look. So they all come running over and about the time they got about a foot away the snake moves. I screamed. Imagine the girliest scream you can and that is about what I sounded like. Zoey screamed and the snake wiggled off. I did manage to snap a picture of it before it got too far away. I used the zoom.. obviously. We finally caught up with our friends and the kids played some more. It was a really great day for a picnic, even if our day was shared with a baby snake.


Karen said...

Oh I would have screamed with that snake too! LOL! Love the picnic! So fun!

Bridgett said...'s a cute little snake. :)

I love the idea of of having a picnic at the park. Must do that with my kiddos too.

bradysmom said...

OMG! I think that I would have had a heart attack!! We found a similar small baby snake in our garage one time...I vacated the house for about 2 weeks until I knew that Scott had checked EVERY inch of our house! They say where there is a baby' there's a momma!