Monday, November 23, 2009

A week of Thankfuls: Day 1

Today I am thankful for God. I would insert of picture of Him, but honestly I don't know what He looks like and there really isn't a picture of Him on the Internet. But in all seriousness, I am truly thankful for God. He created this world and He created it perfectly. Despite man's sinfulness and rebellion He gave us a way to still enter into Heaven. His Son, Jesus Christ. I am thankful that despite my sinfulness that God chose me to be a child of His. That even though I sin, daily, He forgives. I am also thankful that God's love is unconditional. There is nothing I can do to make Him love me more and there is nothing I can do to make Him love me less. And for that I am truly thankful.


Stephanie said...

Dontcha know, God looks like Morgan Freeman!

Lovely post :)

Tiffany Lockette said...

Great post Emily. I am laughing at Stephanie with the Morgan Freeman comment. I am picturing Morgan Freeman in Jim Carey's movie, what was the name of it again, I am drawing a blank?

EmilytheCreative said...

Yeah, I know the movie. I can't remember the name either, though.