Thursday, May 28, 2009

The Princess with her crown

$154 dollars later...

I'm sure we'll be getting a bill for more later. It's silver, which I'm not thrilled with. But at least when it falls out the tooth fairy will have to cough up more money for it. At least it did when I was little. ;o)


Karen said...

Awie! That's cheap for a crown! Hope you don't get billed more.

Brandi said...


Angel had to have caps on all her top teeth and her back bottom teeth (sadly born without enamble). SO when she lost her first tooth she thought she was going to make bank until she realized it was one WITHOUT a cap! LOL

Bridgett said...


That's a lot of money. :(

She seems pretty proud though.


TnL's Mommy said...

I hear ya on not being thrilled about the silver crown...Logan had to have 2 last week and still needs 2 or 3 more.

I got more money for mine too!!

Bernadette said...

Aww..what a big girl, doing so well at the dentist!

Pey has that same problem with one has(had)really deep grooves and she got 2 cavities in it before they crowned it. Her's is that porcelain enamel stuff so it's the same color as her teeth..but we shelled out a pretty penny for it with no dental coverage. LOL, but they threw in the anesthesia for free ;)