Thursday, May 28, 2009

Improv Afternoon

Zoey and I had hair cuts today at 1pm. So we went and did that and left the boys with the great grands. It didn't take us long and we soon returned to the great grands. They had set up a slip-n-slide and Jon Kent and Nathan were enjoying that. So naturally Zoey joined in. They spent a good hour and a half playing and running around. Around 3pm we came home and Jon Kent and Zoey crashed on the couch. They were out for the count. When Kent got home we decided to grab something to eat and head to the park in the town over from us. On the way Nathan fell asleep as did Zoey, again. So to let their siestas be a bit longer we drove the car through the car wash and then grabbed something to eat. The car wash woke Zoey up, but not Nathan. As we were leaving Chick-fil-A the kids wanted to know where we were going. We told them it was a surprise. As we pulled into the park excitement rose out of the backseat. "THE LAKE!!! THE PARK!! THE SPLASH PARK!!" We grabbed a shaded bench and ate supper. Then we headed over to the playgrounds were they were told NOT to get in the water area because we didn't bring any extra clothes (we didn't realize they would have the water area opened already). So they played around, every so often looking over to the water area with puppy eyes.

After awhile I remembered that I had a set of clothes in the car for each of them that I took along on our trip to South Carolina for "just in case". So with that we decided to let them play. They were THRILLED and we got to be the "cool parents".
Then, out in the distance, we heard it. Like a musical jewelry box on wheels.... THE ICE CREAM TRUCK!!!!

Kent: You got any cash in your pocket?
Me: No.
Kent: Me either.
::light bulb goes off:::
Me: I have some in the car.
Kent: Here are the keys. Hurry!
::running like a fool:::
In the mean time Kent tells the kids to get out of the water. "But why? I don't want to go home!" As they came walking to the gate they see me and the ice cream truck. They were so excited!! $5 later and we were all happy O'villers.

I later told Kent that was the best $5 I've spent in a long time. The whole time we were eating and just enjoying each other Jon Kent kept saying, "Thank you for planning all this! Thank you!" No, little man.. thank you!

Improv afternoons. They are truly the best!


Brandi said...

Cute Pics!!! I'm glad to hear yinz had a great afternoon :)

Tiffany Lockette said...

Improv day looked like so much fun. I am sure your kiddos were very thankful and happy.

So War Eagle by the way...I am from Auburn but I haved lived in crazy/too big for me Alanta GA for 8 years now. I have been working hard on my husband to get us back to the Auburn area (that is where all of my family still lives) sometime soon. Keep your fingers crossed.

It's funny, when I lived there, all I wanted to do was move away, somewhere that offered more to do, now that we have Zoe, I can't wait to get back. My husband and I want her to grow up in a small town.

So, where is O'Ville - Odomville Alabama, is that how you spell it?

Bridgett said...

That sounds like an amazing afternoon!

I love the pictures. :)

The kids look so happy....


Bernadette said...

:) Sometimes the things that aren't planned turn out to be the best times to be had.
Looks like a great day :) the sharing ice cream photo!