Saturday, May 2, 2009

First time for everything.

Jon Kent and Zoey spent the night with their great grands last night. They then spent all day at our town's annual "Sunshine Saturday". Although it was a more cloudy/rainy/stormy Saturday. But sun did shine periodically. That counts, right? Anywho, when they got home I was looking stuff up on the internet and told them I needed them to play sweetly together. And wouldn't ya know.. that obliged! Even Nathan was happy and content to play with his older siblings.. only with one or two moments of making sure I hadn't run away! He must have missed his brother and sister.

Sidenote: Last night after Nathan had his bath I was taking him to his bed and as we walked passed Zoey's room Nathan leaned over and grunted towards her door. I told him she wasn't there, but he didn't believe me. So, I took him in there and showed him she wasn't there. He looked kind of confused. He did the same thing when we walked passed Jon Kent's bed. Again, I showed him no one was there. He still looked confused. He is so used to going to each of their rooms and giving them night-night kisses. Oh and Nathan is saying "Night-night" now. So sweet.

Back to my story. All the kids played wonderfully together. Which they always do.. for like 30 minutes. Then I'm called upon to do something or another. Once I'm involved it's hard for me to step away. But today they all played so well together and for a good amount of time. All I had to do was keep their cups full and some snacks on hand. The rest of the time they played with toys, watched a little bit of Noggin and just seemed to enjoy each other. It was really sweet. They then all got to spend the evening with my parents. Who took them to play games and out for supper. They are all asleep now. As Jon Kent told me earlier, "they've been busy today".

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Bridgett said...

Ahhh...sibling love! :)