Monday, May 18, 2009

Not Me! Monday

This blog carnival is brought to you by MckMama. Feel free to head over and read about her Not Me! hoopla and all the others who also were totally not doing something or another.

Oh yes it is that time again. It's time to tell you all how I am perfectly not the most perfect mother, wife, friend, daughter or sister in the world. How I mess up royally on more than one occasion. It's time for some free therapy and time to spill the beans on what I certainly didn't do this week.

Jon Kent has a very strong sense of smell. Like train that boy to sniff out drugs or find a lost child, type smell. So with that in mind I do not use him to let me know when Nathan has poopie, because for the life of me my sense of smell is shot. He didn't on more than one occasion this week let me know that Nathan had poopied and needed to be changed. I mean really, who does that? Who uses their child as a poop detector? Certainly not me!

This weekend we met some of Kent's new coworkers. Who were all really nice. I did not let my youngest bundle of cuteness take a nap on a complete stranger, just because it meant I could take some shots of my eldest bundles of cuteness shoot down a water slide and fly into the air. Never would I let some stranger snuggle with any of my babies.

I did not let Nathan live off of goldfish crackers all day Saturday because it was easier to just let him eat that than it was to fight for him to eat what we were eating.

So.. since I know what I didn't do this week.. what did you not do either?


Kelli said...

Great Not Me's! I love that you called him a poop detector!! My oldest is pretty good about letting my know when the baby has a dirty diaper too!

Karen said...

I totally don't use Justin as a poopie detector either!

Bridgett said...

Boy, I don't need a poopie detector. I have the most acute sense of smell.

Everybody here swears the bunny cage doesn't stink, but ot me, it's absolutely rotten..even when I've just cleaned it.