Monday, May 25, 2009

Nathan's First Haircut

I want to go on record as saying that I wanted to let Nathan's hair grow and grow and grow. As long as his hair never got cut it would be one more thing to keep him my little baby forever. However, his daddy has been nagging asking me to cut his hair forever. So I figured I would just cut it myself. First time ever! I was a bit nervous but it turned out pretty cute. I didn't mess his head up or anything, so that's good. If you don't see him everyday you probably wouldn't even notice. Can't believe he's already old enough to be getting his first hair cut.


Bridgett said...

Don't feel too bad...Parker had his first haircut at 3 months! I kid not. That kid had so much hair. LOL

You did a good job On Nathan's hair. Looks great!


Kristine said...

Aww, he looks great!

PS: The verification word for me to add this comment is "suckey", lmao! Just had to tell you.

Terri said...

Good looks cute!


TnL's Mommy said...

It looks cute!! You did a good job, he also looks like he sat there really well too!!

Brandi said...


Bernadette said...

Very cute!

I cut Eli's hair at home, usually do it in the bathtub while he's distracted with playing with toys....don't you just love when you have a bit all ready to snip and they turn to look at what you're doing?! :)