Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Outside play, poopie day and Graduation in May

Today was one of those days. It had a lot of high points and one major low point. Let's get started, shall we?

The kids and I went out fairly early today for some play time. It was filled with playing baseball, riding bikes, playing on the monkey bars, riding the jeep around and running without a care in the world. I absolutely love mornings like today.

While we were outside I realized that I needed to run to the bank, so my mother-in-law kept Jon Kent and Nathan while Zoey and I zipped over to the bank to see my momma (my bookkeeper ;o)). I opened up two new savings accounts, one of which was Nathan's first account. It only took me a year to get it opened. Then we headed home for lunch and naps. Nathan didn't get to eat lunch because he was overly ready for bed. He ended up sleeping 2 and half hours. While he napped the others ate lunch and then it was time for nap. Zoey partook in the napping festivities, Jon Kent did not. I cleaned both bathrooms and the kitchen and straightened up the house and played a couple of hands of Uno with Jon Kent. I also washed and dried my bed covers because Jon Kent puked in our bed at 3:30 this morning. Once Nathan woke up from his nap I fed him lunch and he ate while I finished straightening and start vacuuming some of the rooms. When I got done I went back over to Nathan and he was ready to get down. I looked down and it looked like Nathan has spilt his cup all over the bottom part of his shirt (to have been so lucky), but what it turned out to be was poopie that somehow came out of the front top part of his diaper. All over is shirt, all over his stomach, it was everywhere except his back. When I went to get him out of his clothes he automatically put his hands all in it, so to the tub he went. Jon Kent kept saying, "I can't wait to tell Granny and PawPaw about the bad news. About how Nathan poopied all over his shirt." Bad news indeed. So I finally got him cleaned up and redressed. It was time for Zoey to get up so I went and woke her up and finished vacuuming. Then Granny and PawPaw came and took the kids to the park. After they left I finished dusting and straightening and then hopped in and out of the shower and got ready for Kent's little brother's graduation. I then ironed Kent's uniforms and started supper. The kids arrived home just as supper was finishing, we all sat down and ate then got ready to go to the graduation. This graduation was a lot less crowded and didn't involve me panicking over anyone potty training. It was a short and sweet ceremony, only 19 were graduating so we quickly took some pictures afterwards and headed home.
To which everyone was thrown, OK lightly tossed, into the tub and then off to bed they all went. And so another day comes and goes. How quickly they seem to do that.


Bridgett said...

Awww...gotta love those 'chocolate milk' diapers. LOL

I'm thankful everday my kids are now potty-trained.

Overall though...sounds like a pretty good day. Busy, but good. :)


Karen said...

I love that 5th picture of JK and Nathan!

Brandi said...

Sounds like overall yinz had a nice day except for the poopie.

Kristine said...

Lmao! Gotta love the poop explosions.