Saturday, May 9, 2009


The kids and I were out and about in town this morning running some errands and making a Wal-Mart run. After getting all that done I decided to swing by McDonald's for lunch.

Yeah, yeah.. I'm clogging my kids arteries and making them obese.

I ordered a 10 piece nugget meal for all the kids to split and then an Iced Mocha for me. We got home and the kids ate their lunch and I drank my drink. I'm not a everyday coffee person. But when I do get some I like it to be strong. Not plain black coffee strong but just enough of a kick. That drink was STRONG. Granted it has espresso in, but still. The first swig of it, I was like.. ummm, no. This isn't good. But I kept drinking it and about half way though I think my taste buds surrender and shut down. Because I drank it all. It wasn't horribly bad, but it's not Starbucks either.. obviously. Zoey thought I was drinking ice cream and kept wanting some.. so the wonderful mother that I am, I let her have a sip. Yeah.. she probably will never drink coffee again. In her words, it tasted like "poopie". Didn't know she was a connoisseur of poopie but apparently so. It left a bad taste in her mouth, literally. I'm sorry, but I laughed.

So on a scale of 1-10 with 10 being the best coffee drink ever.. I give it a 5. Zoey would probably give it a negative 10. You know because it tasted like poopie.


Bridgett said...

Yea, I didn't have high hopes for the McCafe. LOL

I did just read that Cold Stone is making frappacino's now. YUM.

Can you imagine how good a CS frap would be?
It might actually compare to Starbucks. Maybe.


THAT GIRL said...

I think they are gritty... Zoey is right!

Connies Photos said...

Happy Mothers Day

Karen said...

I have found them to be a hit or miss like the ice coffee's....I have had them be really good, or really gross....I think it depends who makes them.