Monday, May 11, 2009

Not Me! Monday

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Here is what I totally did not do this week:

I did not forget to put sunscreen on my kids and thusly they did not get sunburned. And since I didn't do that, they didn't flinch in pain when we gave them a bath. I am much too pulled together to allow any of that to happen.

I also did not let my little baby boy go down the slide by himself just so I could take a picture of him during his crash landing.

This is not that picture:

I did not have to explain to my 3 year old daughter that she certainly did not really want to wear a pad just like mommy. And while we are on that subject, I do not try to shoo away the kids from the bathroom during those times of the month just so I don't have to answer the 435,985,934,756 questions that are sure to follow.

So, ahem..

What did you not do this week?


Stephanie said...


I did not also forget to put sunscreen on myself and Summer who are sensitive to the sun, causing us to be in pain with bright red arms.

I love that picture.

L. said...

You are really funny! I love the picture of your son.

Bridgett said...

That picture gives me some serious giggles. Good thing it wasn't planned or anything. ;)

And girl...I know JUST what you mean about that time of the month and the never-ending questions.

Autumn always says, "Ewww...mommy just pooped her pants."

Since when is poo dark red? LOL