Saturday, May 23, 2009

New Blog name

Adventures in Sickville.

Jon Kent, Nathan and myself are so far dodging the sick germs. But really, you can't tell if we really are. I'm hopeful that we are. I certainly don't want anything that Kent and Zoey currently have.

Zoey is currently into her 4th hour of nap. I've figured it up and in the last 24 hours she has been asleep for 17 of those hours. "Sleeping.. it does a body good!" At least for Zoey that seems to be the case.

I slept in Jon Kent's bed with him last night. That was a joy.. let me tell you. A twin bed and the two of us. I woke up stiff. And early.. 5:45am. All the kids and myself were up.. Kent was still recovering. Zoey lasted two hours before she was back out.

This is random.. I know.

Nate just woke up.. must go.


Kristine said...

GWS everyone

Bridgett said...

Sleep. That's what I've been doing a lot of too.

My poor body is a mess right now.

I do hope you're all healthy and well very soon.