Monday, May 11, 2009

For Sale

Our house hit the market today. We have the yard sign and everything now. So it's official. We're hoping it won't be on the market long. Some family members are looking at buying it, so we will see how that pans out. Either way, the house we built, the house Jon Kent first slept in a big boy bed in, the house Zoey took her first steps in, the house we brought Nathan home from the hospital to will soon no longer be ours. Kind of sad. OK, a lot sad.


My name's Builder. Bob the Builder.
And yes, that is a massive bruise over his eye. He got that yesterday after thinking he could take on the wooden rocking chair.


Got my grades back from Psychology and A&P. Got an 'A' in Psy. and a 'B' in A&P. Wish it were an 'A'.. but like Kent said.. "It's better than a 'C' or 'D'."


TnL's Mommy said...

Congrats on your house being up for sale!! I can understand how that would be sad, I would be feeling the same way.

Also congrats on your grades! I think they are pretty awesome esp since you are a Mommy to 3 little ones!

Brandi said...

Good Job with the grades :) Hope your house sells fast!!!!!

Terri said...

Hope your house sells fast...I would be sad as well...

Congrats on your grades!


Bridgett said...

After all that work, you finally got your 'for sale' sign. Congratulations for that.

But boy, do I understand the sadness. We've never owned a home...we still rent, but it's been hard to move regardless because there are so many memories in these places.

And great grades, Em! A 'B' in A&P isn't bad at all.


Kristine said...

WTG on the grades!