Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Thanksgiving Week of Thankfuls- Wednesday

I am thankful for my kids. Each one had brought so much to my life. With each child, there are new things learned. There's just something about being a mother and being someone else's complete world. There is such a love that comes from a child that is so pure and unconditional.

Jon Kent is such a thoughtful child. He is quick to want to help someone. He will let me know when Nathan had fallen down while outside playing. Or he will save up his turtle bucks at school (good behavior incentive) and buy his sister something. He is smart and had a great thirst to learn more. He is tenderhearted. Which reminds me often to be more gentle and to sometimes take a step back and remember what it was like to be a child.

Zoey is a free spirit. She is extremely social and doesn't meet a stranger. She wants everyone to be here friend, but doesn't mind steering clear of someone who she doesn't mesh with. Zoey is also very creative. Always drawing something or want to do a craft. She also loves to accessorize. She is just a hoot. She keeps me laughing most days. Zoey is pretty laid back. She might be upset for a bit, but usually bounces back to her cheery self fairly quickly. Zoey is also very caring of others and their feelings. If she thinks you are sad or upset, she makes it a point to try and cheer you up or at the very least she wants to know what is wrong. I look at Zoey and sometimes realize to not take life too seriously. To enjoy the moment.

Nathan is a smart and very adventurous little boy. He is two but thinks he is at least the same age if not older as his older brother. He loves to get dirty and play hard. There isn't a sport that he hasn't fallen in love with. He adores his older brother. Nathan is stubborn and that usually gets him in trouble, but it also helps him to not give up. If he is going to do something, he is going to do it well. He is learning like crazy right now. Nathan is my little cuddle bug. He loves to give me hugs and twist my hair around his fingers. Most days I can't believe how grown he is getting. How much he can do (and get in to!). He keeps me on my toes and never is there a dull moment when he is around.

God has richly blessed with me with three healthy babies. I am one very thankful momma.

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