Saturday, November 27, 2010

Busy, busy, busy

What a last few days it has been.

We went home to Alabama for Thanksgiving. We stayed at my daddy's this time and we had a great visit.

I love staying up late and talking with my daddy. We watched "House Hunters" and just talked. How I love to just sit and talk.

I got my hair cut. I got it cut short, short, short a little over a year ago. I don't look good with short hair. So... I have been letting it grow. Since I don't have anyone around here to cut my hair I always wait to go home to have it trimmed or cut. I decided to go for more of a cut this time instead of just a trim. I LOVE IT!

Thanksgiving day we got up and got dressed and went out and took some family pictures at various places. I got some really good shots. I would show you them but I am using some for our Christmas card. So you will have to wait... I may do a "bloopers" entry at some point though. Never can tell with me...

For Thanksgiving lunch we went to eat with Kent's extended family. When we arrived we were all just standing around waiting for lunch to start when all of a sudden Nathan starts screaming and crying. He was holding his arm like he was hurt. I looked at him and thought I saw where a bee had stung him. There were several flying around. He cries himself to sleep in my arms. But every time I moved he cried. He woke up after about 20 minutes and was still crying and wouldn't move his arm. So off to the ER we go (I might add here that we had to go the ER about a week and a half ago because Nathan tried to eat a glass ornament and I thought he had swallowed some.. thankfully all the xrays came back fine and he was no worse for wear). We get there and the nurse moves his arm around and he is screaming and crying. A few minutes later the doctor comes in, gives him the once over and nothing. Nathan didn't cry, he moved his arm.. all was well. Doctor couldn't find a thing wrong and figured that Nathan must have dislocated and relocated his elbow. It was the craziest thing. All I can say is prayer works. I serve an awesome God.

After that whole ordeal the kids played in some leaves and had a blast.

We then came back to my daddy's house where I started cooking Thanksgiving supper. I had help, but it was the first time I had ever taken on a lot of the responsibility. It was scary. My daddy helped me a lot and he also ordered the turkey and ham so I didn't have to worry about messing those up. But at the end I was told it was all good. So that was great to hear.

Later that evening my daddy, Kent and myself all went Black Friday shopping. We had a good time. We found a few things and didn't get back home until about 6am.

Yesterday was the "Iron Bowl" (for those who aren't familiar it is when Auburn and Alabama play their annual rivalry football game). It was a close game, but Auburn pulled through with the win. And we are still on track for a chance at a national championship.

It was a great weekend, but I am glad to be back home. We have so many things coming up for us. School activities, Zoey's birthday, Jon Kent and Zoey's birthday party, more Auburn football and all of normal life craziness thrown in the mix.

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