Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Day 6: Your Day

My days are basically the same. But every now and then, things change up and we do it differently. Today.. isn't one of those days. Today, I have done what I do best.. do the mundane mom thing.

5:45am: Wake up and lay in the bed hoping that the alarm clock is an hour or two fast.

6:05am: Start making the kids lunches and then start breakfast.

6:20am: Wake up Jon Kent and Zoey.

6:30am: Serve breakfast and go start picking out clothes for the kids.

6:50am: Start dressing everyone, brushing teeth and hair.

7:05am: Load up the kids to take them to school.

7:15am: Let Jon Kent and Zoey (she went to school early today) out at school.

7:30am: Get back home and start laundry.

7:45am: Eat breakfast myself.

8am: Playing with Nate. Dress him up in his Halloween costume and attempt to take some pictures. Put in another load of clothes to wash. And just all around try to entertain Nathan. Oh, and clean up after Nathan peed all in the bathroom floor.

10:20am: Go pick up Zoey from school.

10:40am: Start cooking lunch for Nate and myself and puy Zoey's costume on for some pictures.

11am: Eat lunch.

11:20am: Play with the kids and continue to do laundry. AND again, clean up from where Nathan peed in the bathroom floor. He is waiting too long to go to the potty.

12:15pm: Go pick up Jon Kent from school (today was an early dismissal from school).

12:30pm: Get home and let Jon Kent try on his costume and get some pictures.

1:15pm: Get some snacks for the kids and finish the last load of laundry.

1:25pm: Clean some spots on my carpet.

1:45pm: Start this blog post.

And here is what is *planned for the rest of the day..

Go outside and play.
Take a shower and maybe get in my Bible study.
Do homework with the kids.
Give the kids a bath before supper.
Make supper.
Go to church.
Come home and brush teeth and get the kids in the bed.
Maybe, just maybe.. get to rest for a little bit.

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