Sunday, October 3, 2010

Day 3: My Parents

My parents were married on May 1, 1976.

My momma was a bookkeeper and later branch manager of Regions Bank. She worked there for 30+ years. My momma went to every sporting event I was in. She made sure to be at every band performance and competition. She went on almost all my field trips in high school. She was a wonderful momma. I didn't always see that. But she was. She did and wanted only the best for me. She took up for me and sheltered me. She was a wonderful Gramsie to my children and I am forever grateful for the 26 years I had with her. Although 26 years still doesn't seem like enough.

My momma passed away on February 23, 2010.

My daddy is a high school math teacher. He is retired from teaching in Alabama but is on his 2nd round of high school teaching in Georgia. My daddy also never missed a game or band activity. Even at one point telling the doctor in the hospital (he was in for kidney stones and then got pneumonia) that he needed to get home and to one of my soccer games. He didn't make it that night but did the next game.. he sat in his car and watched. My daddy.. well he's my daddy. I am a daddy's girl without any doubt. He is a wonderful and wise man. I can talk to him about anything, just about. I am so thankful to have him in my life. And prayerful that he will be in my life for many moons to come.

Those are my parents. Thankful for them and thankful to them.

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Kristine said...

This was so fun to read. And I'm totally digging their outfits...especially your dad's pants! ;-) I love looking back on old photographs.