Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Washington DC: The End

Our last full day in D.C. was spending finishing up our site seeing. We went to Arlington National Cemetery first. While there we visited the graves of the Kennedy family. We stopped and watched the "Changing of the Guards" at "The Tomb of the Unknown Solider". That was a sight to behold. I have seen it before, but every time is different and every time is just as breath taking as the one before it. If you aren't proud to be an American after see that, then my friend you need to move elsewhere. Once we left there, we went to see Arlington House. All the history in that house would take hours to tell. It was so amazing to walk around and know that Robert E. Lee and his family once lived there. That most of his children were born in that house. That so many events that changed American history happened in that house.

After visiting Arlington National Cemetery we took a trip back to the White House to get some pictures and look around. We didn't get to stay long because it was about to rain and we wanted to make out way to The Holocaust Museum.

I waited the whole week to be able to revisit The Holocaust Museum. Ever since I was made to read "Ann Frank's Diary" in the 9th grade I have been fascinated with all the history of the Holocaust. How one evil man could round up so many evil people and do such evil acts to a group of people, just blows my mind. It's a sobering reminder that evil does exist and we aren't to just blindly following someone else's teaching. So anyway, once we got there we took the tour. Seeing how it all started from the very beginning. Seeing the pictures, the piles and piles of shoes and clothes that belonged to those who were sent to the gas chambers, seeing how they were tortured and used for medical experiments. Hearing and reading the stories of how children were taken from their parents and sent to work in labor camps. On and on.. we saw it all. And to know that many stories have yet and probably never will be told. To see all the names and faces. It really broke my heart. There just aren't enough words to express all that we saw that day. It's a place to you just have to visit and experience for yourself.

Once we finished our tour we took our last metro ride back to our hotel. We ordered carry out from an Italian place and ate in the room. We were completely tired and worn out. We enjoyed our visit to D.C. very much. One day I wouldn't mind going back and taking the kids. But only when I know they would be interested in it and appreciate it.

The next day and our final day of "vacation" we gathered our things and got on a plane back to home. Our first flight was pretty uneventful. I used the bathroom for the first time on an airplane. Corny I know, but I still got a kick out of it. Our second flight was rather rough. We hit some turbulence a few times and rocked a lot. And we dropped a few times as well. I was freaking out, but trying to play it cool. Once we landed the lady in front of me started waving her hands in the air and praising God for letting us land safely. I would have to say I agreed with her.

So there you have it. Our trip to Washington, D.C.: Beginning, Middle and End. I hope you enjoyed it all and I would highly, highly recommend anyone to go.

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Brandi said...

I really enjoyed reading your D.C. post. Thanks for sharing all the pictures :)