Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Washington D.C. : The Beginning

I don't know how many of these entries there will end up being. I am going to just type and add pictures until I am tired I suppose. So here we go---

We got up before the birds Monday morning to get to the airport. It was my first time flying, so of course I got no sleep the night before. And yet I sprung out of bed and was ready to go. At the airport Kent had to get totally frisked. I was pretty amused by the fact. It was because Kent wears an insulin pump and they had to make sure he was telling the truth about it. The flight itself was enjoyable. I was a nerd and looked out the window the whole time. Got a couple of great pictures as well. Once we landed, we had a layover of about 2 hours. Which was better than some of the people I was eavesdropping in on. Our final flight into DC was good. Read a little bit, looked out the window, ate some peanuts, the usual.. At the airport we found our way into the Metro and hoped for the best. We did get lost once we got back on the street and all I could think was, "I told Kent to get a taxi..". We finally did find our way to our hotel. Our hotel was nice, except for the construction going on next door. Thankfully, they didn't bother us much since we weren't usually there during their working hours. We unloaded our stuff and went in search for a place to eat. We ended up choosing, "The Front Page". They had one of the best cheeseburgers I have ever had. Kent got a steak and said it was really good as well. I would highly recommend it to anyone going to DC and are in need of casual place to eat. We had planned a tour for the evening and were wasting time before that, so we headed to Union Station. While there we shopped a little bit and went across the street to the Postal Museum. Kent's grandfather used to be a postman, so we went to check it out and take some pictures for him. Before entering we had to be screened and of course the metal detector went off because of Kent's pump. Kent showed the guy his pump, while trying to explain to him what it was. The security guy wanted him to take it off and Kent told him he couldn't. The guard wanted to know why, so Kent lifted his shirt to show that it was attached to his body. It was kind of annoying, but I understood the reasoning.. still irritated me a bit that people just sometimes don't listen. Anyway, once we got past that blunder the rest of the visit went well. We then headed back over to Union Station to take our night tour of DC. We got to visit several places (Jefferson Memorial, Lincoln Memorial, Iwo Jima memorial) and learn many new facts about DC. It was a definitely a tour to remember. Our first day in DC was full and we were tired. Great sleep was had by all!

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Brandi said...

Nice pictures. I'm glad you guys had fun :)