Thursday, April 1, 2010

Thursday's Song

My daddy sent me this today. Please read.

For the first time, or at least that I remember, I dreamed about my wife last night. The dream was kind of based on the movie "The Time Traveler's Wife". In my dream, Candy Sue had "popped" back into my life and we were sitting in our living room talking. I was telling her how I was doing, and some of the things I had done since she left. We were just talking about things in general and we disagreed on something. I said to her that we should not fuss with what little time we had. And I remember saying that it was not fair, because even though she was back with me, I knew that I would wake up one morning and she would be gone again.

At that point I did wake up. 3:13am. I wanted to believe the last 37 days were really the dream. I wanted to reach behind me to see if she were there. But I didn't. I knew she wasn't. And so I laid there, with misty eyes, thinking. I guess eventually I went back to sleep because suddenly the music was blaring from my alarm clock. And there was Steven Curtis Chapman ending his song "Dancing with Cinderella"....
"I don't want to miss even one song, 'cause all too soon the clock will strike midnight, and she'"

Let's just say my morning started with tears of sadness, but the Lord quickly reminded me that it was April 1st. No, not April Fools Day, but it was the day that my wife felt the drawing of the Holy Spirit. It was the day that He sealed her for all eternity. It was the day she was born again. It was the day that tells me that I will see her again. And there, the clock will never strike midnight.

Today is going to be a great day!


Mc Allen said... This really touched me. Just wonderful, thank you for sharing it with us... xoxo LA

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