Thursday, April 15, 2010

Jon Kent Snippets

For those who are new here or who may just not "get" why I write in this blog, I want to clarify my reasoning for doing "this". I blog for my kids. Not for anyone else's entertainment or to satisfy their nosiness. I do it in hopes that one day when the kids are older and bored or are procrastinating doing their homework or actual work that they will sit and read about their lives. And how I interpreted it. There are/will be so many things that they do that I know I will forget about. I want them to read about those times. When something "small" happened but it made such an impact on me that day that I decided to type in out. So.. this is for them. I love you Jon Kent, Zoey and Nathan. I hope in some small way.. that you can see that through this blog.

Now that all that is out.. on to my real reason for writing this entry.

Today the kids and I planted a garden. It's our first one. It's small and sad looking. I need to take some pictures... They are tomatoes and banana peppers. Something I knew that we would eat.. if.. you know.. they actually survive. Jon Kent has been begging me to plant a garden.. so there you go my little boy. Here's to healthy tomatoes and peppers!!!

Later today the kids and I were outside. They were playing and I was weeding a flowerbed that is in my front yard. We have plans to sod over most of it. It's awkwardly huge and doesn't make a lot of sense in the form it's in. So we are going to sod most of it and then the rest will be the remaining flower bed. ANYWAY.. I was weeding it and Jon Kent wanted to help. He is also so good about helping do stuff like that. Anything to do with yard work and he wants to do it. So after awhile Zoey and Nathan had wondered inside to cool off and I am sure to watch something on Noggin... excuse me.. it's NickJr now. Jon Kent stuck with it. He did it all the way until there wasn't much else to weed. I was finishing up leveling it all back out when he goes inside. A few minutes later he comes back out with a cup of water. "Here momma, this is for you. I know you would like it since you are hot." How sweet!?!?! It made my heart melt and grow all at the same time. Makes me feel like I must be doing something right.

Later this evening I was giving the kids a bath and was getting Jon Kent out. I noticed a rash on his leg. It was pretty big and I couldn't figure out what would have caused it. I asked Jon Kent did it hurt or itch and he said no. I said has it been there long? He said he didn't know. I knew it hadn't been because I had changed his clothes twice that day and never noticed it. So a little time goes by and I heard him say.. "Oooooh, no... I hope this isn't 'itchy-leg-itis'. I just laughed. The things that boy can come up with. He's a hoot!

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