Friday, April 16, 2010

Pictures from my phone.. in no particular order

Jon Kent and Zoey doing school in their books and Nathan coloring in his coloring book.

Totally bad hair day, man!

Jon Kent and his basketball trophy. He was so proud!

Nathan and Zoey playing a game together.

Showing my rings. The middle one is my momma's engagement ring. It's currently at Griffin's getting made into a necklace.

Nathan and Jon Kent after getting up from their naps.

This was taken when Kent was really sick. That boy and his pillow...

I found this one my phone. Zoey taking a picture of herself. I find weird pictures all the time from where the kids got my phone and starting snapping away.

Nathan getting a breathing treatment at the doctor.

All the kids climbing on a "rock wall" at the park.

3 comments: said...

ok love the pictures! Been there done that with the nebulizer, my hubby has a pillow also - has to be that pillow case on that pillow and he holds it in his lap when he watches tv etc. So funny! Thank goodness for parks and pretty weather (although it is raining today :(

Catching up on my blog reading!


Tiffany Lockette said...

Love all the pictures. I especially like the one of all the kiddos climbing the rock wall, too cute!

Taking Heart said...

When Jonah was that age... he took a photo once of his "business" with my phone. I went to show my friends at work some pictures of my kids... and there it was... I FREAKED!!! I didn't know how that picture got on my phone... and then the next photo was a self portrait of him smiling... basically ratted himself out with that one. Had to go home and have a talk about "not taking photos of our private parts.. they are private for a reason."

I fully intend on retelling that story at his thirteenth birthday party... paybacks... lol!

Your photos were cute... and G-rated!