Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter Day

What an adventurous day! We started off early. Got us and the kids ready for church. They were all decked out in their Easter best. They all totally rocked it.. in my humble motherly opinion. We had a wonderful service at church. Have I mentioned lately that I love my church? Well, I do. They are such a blessing to myand my family's life. So after church we grab a quick lunch and finish packing up the car. The kids and I said our good-bye's to Kent and we headed on our way. We get about 110 miles from home and my car breaks down. I would press the gas, the car wouldn't go. I barely made it to the side of the interstate before we quit rolling. I freaked.. a bit. Called Kent.. freaked a little bit more. Kent leaves his grocery cart in Kroger's and starts coming my way. In the mean time, my daddy and Kent's dad start coming my way from the other direction. After sitting there and troubleshooting somethings with Kent I had all but given up. Got off the phone with him and my daddy called and said to cut the car on so the AC would come on. We were getting pretty hot by that time (it was 88 degrees outside). So I did and noticed that the service engine light wasn't on and neither was the high temp or low oil light. So I tried the gas again and it worked. So I was going to drive until I could get in a better spot to let the kids out to play and run around while we waited for someone to come and rescue us. But the area we were in wasn't exactly safe, so I just kept going. I felt like we were fine and knew that my daddy and Barry were also coming and figured it would be better to just keep heading their way. So I did and Kent turned around and went back home to which his grocery cart was still in Kroger's with all his groceries in it. He was pretty happy about that. And we eventually met up with my dad and Barry and made it home safe and sound. We still aren't exactly sure what happened, but we are thinking it had to do with dirty gas. I am just thankful to have made it to Alabama safe and sound! The rest of the day was spent with friends and family at church and eating out for supper with them as well. It was a good day. Thankful for the chance to spend time with family and celebrate my risen Savior!

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Karen said...

They look adorable all dressed up!