Thursday, December 17, 2009

Reliving Christmas memories.

When I was growing up and still a young child my family would always go over to my Aunt Karen Kay's house for our family's Christmas Eve gathering. I remember one night as we were walking out the door to go back home that my aunt said, "Do you see that? It's Rudolph's nose blinking!" It was really a radio tower's light blinking, but I believed her and my whole body filled with excitement that Santa was coming. I think about that every single year.

Being a parent I get to relive those type moments through my kids. The excitement that you can see in the kids' eyes when you talk about Santa or tell them they got a letter in the mail from him. How they listen to the story about the birth of Jesus and ask questions. It's almost like being a small child again, except this time you are the one building a memory for your child.

Simply wonderful.


Brandi said...

aww that is such a great memory. :D I don't have any quite like that but I do miss the Christmases of my childhood. : )

Karen said...

It's so awesome to see Justin so excited for Christmas! I remember all my excitement as a kid too!

Bridgett said...

Agreed. Reliving childhood excitement through my children...there's nothing quite like it.