Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Mommy Life

Last night I was watching TV and something came on about this woman having a career and no children. And I thought, well I am the opposite. I have children and no career. I've held 1 job so far in my entire life. And for the first time ever, it bothered me. I know I am not meant to work right now. I am to be at home. Taking care of my children and keeping the home running smoothly. But someday, I do want to work. I want to work doing something I love and I fully believe that is in nursing. But that is still a bit off from now, just because of the move and then getting the kids started in school, etc. In the long run of things, I know my purpose was to be a mommy first and a career woman second or even third. But it just hit me wrong last night for some reason. I honestly just feel blah-ish lately. Maybe I am burnt out. I don't know. I'm hoping that once the kids go back to Alabama (did I mention they were leaving Friday to go to Alabama for a week?) and I am able to just chill and do whatever I want, that I will get refreshed and recharge my batteries. I want to be a good mom, and right now I don't feel I am giving the kids all they need. And I think it's just because I am spent.

In other news, the kids went to see Santa last night. They enjoyed it quite well. Zoey was talking to Santa and mentioned that her daddy was on Santa's naughty list. The back story to all that is I went to this website and made the kids and then Kent a video from Santa. It's actually very neat. Anyway, I made sure Kent was put on the naughty list for "not picking his underwear off the floor" and for "spending too much time on Facebook". Zoey told Santa the first part. It was hilarious. All the kids ended up sitting, without crying, in Santa's lap!

And lastly, I have 5 20% coupons to Gymboree that you can redeem online. First come, first served.


Brandi said...

Emily, please believe in yourself. You are a great Mom. I can tell that your kids are very well taken care of and they are happy :)

Bridgett said...

LOL'ing about Kent being on the 'naughty list.'

If it makes you feel any better, Em, I did the career thing first. In the field you're interested in, in fact. And nothing compares to motherhood...believe me. Actually, I was so disgusted with my nursing career by the time I quit, I can't even think of going back. But that's neither here nor there. Just because I was burned out and disgusted by the job doesn't mean others are. And Goddess knows nurses are the heart of any medical facility.

But, I understand the need to be YOU, someone other than a mommy. I feel that way too sometimes. My heart and soul tells me I should write. But I think I'm scared. Not necessarily of failure...but of just not living up to my expectations of how/what I should write. Does that make sense?

Anyway, I do understand.